Beta testing our Scoreboard app

Jonah is our resident scoreboard tester, and we put together this video of him testing our recently released app:

1 thought on “Beta testing our Scoreboard app”

  1. First of all, great looking scoreboards! I use the one on my iPad simply bc it has a bigger screen. A few suggestions before I get the hockey scoreboard
    1) Put the shots on goal on the inside of the penalty clocks to make the scoreboard more symmetrical-looking. And use a “single digit” zero just like the score itself.
    2) Make the period number the same size as the shots on goal and penalty clocks and have its middle row of dots in line witht the middle row of dots as the score. Picky, yeah I know lol.
    3) This one is optional, but maybe a some colors to choose from for the digits. Red and yellow/orange look great. Maybe white and/or neon green. Maybe Royal blue aaa well, but that’s good.
    Just some suggestions to “spruce” it up a bit. So far, I like it a lot. Thanks for the great design! Well done

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