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Sports Scoreboard App for iPad

Use JD Sports Scoreboard for iPad to create a great looking scoreboard for your hockey, basketball or football game. Customize the team names, period durations, graphics, and much more with this free app.

About Us

We love building apps and creating fun experiences for users of mobile devices.  Based in Vancouver BC, dazzleAppz specializes in building fun and entertaining apps for the iPad and iPhone platforms.

All of our apps involve our children. They sometimes create the app themes, create app ideas, are great testers, give great feedback and overall are the inspiration for why we create apps.

App Features & Benefits

Universal Scorekeeping

Track scores and times across multiple sports with an easy interface.

All-in-One Timer

Game management made simple with integrated timer and audible sounds.

Customizable Settings

Adapt the app for any sport with customizable timers and settings.

Multi-Sport Functionality

Effortlessly switch between sports modes, perfect for any game or event.

Clear Visibility

Easy-to-read display perfect for distance viewing by players and spectators.

Fun for the Whole Family

Makes sports enjoyable and accessible for players and fans of all ages.