Sound Master! for iPhone


Sound Master! came about from our kids learning to play the piano.
We were always looking for a fun way for them to learn something about music.
We asked our kids. What would be fun and somewhat unique?




   PRICE: Free



  • The concept was born of playing random sounds and having the user play them back from the lowest pitch to the highest pitch.
  • Four Sound Worlds.  Piano, Basic Fart, Electric Guitar and Pig.
  • Each Sound World has levels from easy to Boss levels.  Earn coins to unlock the different Sound Worlds.
  • Piano Sound World is Whole Notes.  Other worlds are comprised of half notes…making it more difficult.

The kids became extremely involved in the creation of this game.

  • They made the suggestion to have a “Help” or replay button to listen to the sounds again.
  • As well it was their suggestion to dock the user some points for using the “Help” feature.
  • The kids helped with the graphics and idea of the upset person on the home screen.
  • The original game only had the “Master” mode of the game. Which our kids found a little too challenging. Therefore the “Novice” and “Amateur” games modes were also created to have an easy and mid level of difficulty.


  • Children to learn a sense of “tone”
  • Anybody who wants to test their “tone” and memory skills
  • See if you can complete the “Master” mode!